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About RTR Direct

Mission Statement

RTR Direct's mission is to provide our customers with lower prices, larger selection, and better service of their classroom furniture, equipment and school supplies. We will accomplish this by being ethical and honest and will put the customer and our employees first. We want to be and will continually strive to be easy to do business with. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Vision Statement

Our vision for RTR Direct is to be the company thought of first by our customers when they go to purchase classroom furniture, equipment and school supplies. We will directly market our products via the internet and catalogs to school teachers, administrators, day care centers, churches, etc. --- basically any organization that educates or cares for children. Although we are a small business now we are planning for success and look to be a major force in the education marketplace. We want our employees and our community to share in our success. We will develop a culture where meeting individual, team, and company goals are rewarded. We want to give back to the community in which we operate and where our employees live. We will donate our time, talents, and products locally. We will work and strive to be the best corporate citizen that we can be.

History of the Business

RTR Direct was founded in 2009 by Jeff Cabaniss. With over 15 years of experience in direct marketing and operations in the school supply marketplace I saw an opportunity to start a company and do things the right way from the beginning. Too many times in my career I saw at the expense of the customer and employee decisions being made that benefited the stock price and the earnings report. I set out and founded a company built on hard work & working smart, common sense, superior marketing & analytics, lower pricing, larger selection, better service, ethical treatment of customers and employees, sharing the success with others, etc. In a nutshell --- doing things the right way and not sacrificing the long term for immediate short term gains or benefits. RTR Direct is in business for their customers first, employees second, and shareholders third. Our reasoning is if we do one and two right, then three will take care of itself.

RTR Direct, LLC
  PO Box 652 Northport, AL 35476
  ph: (800) 625-9590
  fax: (888) 255-6166
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